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"Steve is truly unique in his style. He is devoted to helping each student's

- Shemekia Copeland
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-Keith Johns
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feather on piano

How To Play Smooth Jazz Piano

By Mark A. Galang, OTRP, MAM-MT(c) |

Would you like to learn how to play smooth jazz piano? Look no further. This is the lesson for you. Without any further ado, let’s get into it. By the way, check out our lesson on learning jazz piano for beginners here. What Is Smooth Jazz Anyway? The most simplistic answer to this question is…

playing jazz piano with limited time

How Long Does It Take To Learn Jazz Piano?

By Mark A. Galang, OTRP, MAM-MT(c) |

How long does it take to learn jazz piano? This is quite a complex question. Nevertheless, we’ll try our best to answer it in the most realistic way possible. Let’s get started.   Do You Have 10,000 Hours Available? One of the most often quoted numbers in terms of mastering any skill is 10,000 hours.…

Is Jazz Piano Hard?

By Mark A. Galang, OTRP, MAM-MT(c) |

Is Jazz Piano Hard? This is the question we’ll do our best to answer today. Let’s get started. One Common Misconception About Jazz Piano Anecdotally speaking, I have encountered numerous people who say that jazz piano is hard. It’s tempting to say “Yes” to that question right off the bat. This is especially true if…

basic jazz piano chords

Basic Jazz Piano Chords

By Mark A. Galang, OTRP, MAM-MT(c) |

Want to get to the nitty gritty of basic jazz piano chords? This is the best place to understand it all. We’ve Without further ado, let’s get into it. How Do We Begin Learning About Basic Jazz Piano Chords? I’m glad you asked. Start with this lesson on piano chord theory. Also go ahead and…

Nu Jazz: What’s The Deal?

By Mark A. Galang, OTRP, MAM-MT(c) |

Have you ever wondered, what’s nu jazz? What’s so special about it? Well then, let’s discuss and learn more. What’s Nu Jazz Anyway? Have you heard some sophistically produced electronic dance music with real heavy elements of jazz? This is a simplistic explanation of Nu Jazz. End of story? Not quite. Check this out: There’s…

How To Use Diminished And Augmented Chords

By Mark A. Galang, OTRP, MAM-MT(c) |

How useful are diminished and augmented chords? They are very, very useful. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use diminished and augmented chords to take your playing to the next level. Let’s get started. What Are Diminished And Augmented Chords? In basic piano chord theory, diminished and augmented chords are considered dissonant triads. At…

Unusual Time Signatures – Tips & Tricks

By Mark A. Galang, OTRP, MAM-MT(c) |

Would you like to learn how to play in unusual time signatures? You’re in the right place. Here’s a lesson on how to play with a very different feel from the usual fare. This tutorial will give you the same skills that legends like Dave Brubeck and the Mahavishnu Orchestra use to navigate odd time.…

barrelhouse blues piano

Barrelhouse Piano – 5 Easy Moves To Get Started

By Mark A. Galang, OTRP, MAM-MT(c) |

Would you like to learn some easy Barrelhouse Piano techniques? You’re in the right place. In this lesson, we’re going to look at some Barrelhouse Piano moves from Little Brother Montgomery. Let’s get started. Barrelhouse Piano Demonstration By Little Brother Montgomery To kick things off, take 4 minutes to watch Little Brother Montgomery with his…

jazz styles

Styles of Jazz – A Deep Dive Into All Of The Different Genres And Subgenres

By Mark A. Galang, OTRP, MAM-MT(c) |

Would you like to learn more about the various styles of jazz? Guess what: You’re in for a treat as we get you oriented with various subsets of this wonderful musical genre. While there are a lot of jazz subgenres, we’ll take a look at some of the most historically significant jazz styles. Let’s get…

beginner jazz piano books

Best Jazz Piano Books For Beginners

By Mark A. Galang, OTRP, MAM-MT(c) |

Looking for the best jazz piano books for beginners? You’ve come to the right place. Here are some of our recommendations you can get your hands on. Let’s get started. Why You Need To Know Your ABCs Music is a language, and language starts by hearing and recognizing the most basic building blocks. In this…

Getting Started With Jazz

man playing jazz piano
man playing jazz piano
jazz piano performance in a club

Learn Jazz Piano From A Pro

Have you always wanted to incorporate jazz into your playing? Or maybe you're already a jazz musician who's looking to take your playing to the next level? Maybe you'd like to study jazz transcriptions. Maybe you'd like to learn jazz piano chords, jazz improvisation, licks, or explore a variety of different of jazz piano lessons and techniques. Either way, is the answer!

Welcome to our jazz piano school - we're glad to have you! If this is your first time here, please take a moment and watch our welcome video above. If you're a returning user, check out "The Jazz Blog," where you'll see the latest and greatest jazz piano lessons from Steve Nixon and the team of experts at

Free Jazz Piano Lessons

Ready to take your jazz piano playing to the next level? One of the most common jazz chord progressions is the II-V-I.

Study the ii-V-i in Minor chord progression to begin mastering this important concept. Add to your vocabulary with transcribed lick lessons from jazz legends like Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Sonny Clark, Charlie Parker, Diana Krall, and many more. offers everything you need to learn how to play jazz piano online. Everyone, from beginners to advanced players, will find helpful resources to improve their jazz piano playing. Check out the lessons to the right for free jazz piano lessons on jazz standards, jazz piano chords, jazz scales, turnarounds, piano transcriptions, blues piano lessons, and much more.

Blues Piano Tutorials

Want to learn how to play blues piano? Hall of Fame Blues Pianist & #1 jazz piano educator Steve Nixon reveal years worth of blues piano secrets in the Breakthrough Blues Piano Method. You can explore the Breakthrough Blues Method right here.