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Are you looking for a jazz piano teacher? Are you trying to learn jazz piano online or teach yourself? Are you frustrated with how you sound today and want to take your playing to the next level?

If so, then you need to watch this critical video below. Inside this video you’ll learn the 4 critical elements you must master to become a great jazz pianist.

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4 Steps Your Jazz Piano Mentor Must Help You Master

jazz piano teacherIf you want to sound great in any musical situation then you must invest time into mastering the 4 elements in the video above.

If you haven’t watched the video above take a minute and do it now. Because we explore:

  1. How to play a great sounding solo piano arrangement of every tune they play.
  2. How to rearrange any tune so it sounds fantastic playing with drums and bass in a trio format.
  3. How to take a killer solo and improvise freely on every song you play.
  4. How to play great sounding comping on every tune you play.

If you feel like your hitting a wall in your playing or you’re it’s because you’re weak in at least 1 of these 4 areas.

Every gig and musical opportunity you’ll ever encounter will require you to be great in at least 1 of these skills.

That’s why we teach our students in The Jazz Inner Circle Program how to truly master these skills.

So, where can you use these 4 skills?

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Breakdown Of Element #1

Alright lets take a look at some very common musical situations you’ll solo piano training in.

  • Want to play for friends and family? You need element #1 from the video.
  • Want to play a cocktail hour or at a restaurant or do a concert by yourself? You need element #1.
  • Want to whip out a quick tune or impress at a party? You need element #1.
  • Want to do any gig by yourself? You need element #1.
  • Want to play a solo at church? You need element #1.

Breakdown Of Element #2

Now lets take a look at some very common musical situations you’ll need to play trio style in.

  • Want to play in a band where you’re the lead instrument? You need element #2 from the video.
  • Want to sound great at a jam session? You need element #2.
  • Want to sound great in a big band when it comes time for you to play a solo? You need element #2.
  • Want to sound like Bill Evans when he plays with bass and drums? You need element #2.
  • Want to your playing to blend perfectly with a bass player and drummer? You need element #2.

Breakdown Of Element #3

Now lets explore perhaps the most important element of jazz piano success….improvisation!

  • Want to improvise freely on the piano? You need element #3.
  • Want to play by ear and unlock your creativity at the keys? You need element #3.
  • Want to play authentic jazz piano the way it’s supposed to be played? (i.e. with lots of improvisation) You need element #3.
  • Whip out a quick tune or impress at a party? You need element #3.
  • Want to go to a jam session and feel 100% confident you’ll sound great on a tune? You need element #3.
  • Want to play tasty jazz piano licks? You need element #3.
  • Want to sound take a solo over any tune in the world? You need element #3.

Breakdown Of Element #4

Finally, lets explore how great comping skills will open tons of music opportunities for you.

  • Want to play with a singer and make them sound great? You need element #4.
  • Want to play in a band? You need element #4.
  • Want to play rhythms and chords that fit perfectly in any song you play? You need element #4.
  • Want to accompany a choir? You need element #4.
  • Want to come up with a great piano part in a rock band or blues band? You need element #4.
  • Ever want to write music for a band? You need element #4.

How These 4 Elements Transformed My Pro Career

jazz piano teacherI’ve played over 1700 gigs in my career so far. From years of tours around the world, backing up Grammy Award winners (Koko Taylor, Buddy Guy, etc. etc.), studio work, church work, clubs, concert halls, festivals, arranging, to playing local gigs, cocktail hours.

I’ve even played on boats, private airplanes, Bar Mitzvahs, and at communes. Jazz gigs, rock gigs, country gigs, blues gigs, church, metal, etc. etc.

You name it, I’ve probably done it.

The crazy part is that EVERYTHING I’ve done on the pro level can be boiled down to using at least 1 of these 4 skills. Get great at these things and you get great at piano. Period!

Now, why hasn’t your jazz piano teacher taught you how to master these 4 elements before?

The Piano Teacher Epidemic Effecting You

jazz piano teacherThere’s an epidemic in the jazz piano education world these days. Ready for it?

98% of jazz piano teachers have very little real world performance experience. 

Maybe they have a degree (if you’re lucky) but not too much more.

These jazz piano teachers are not out in the real world, performing, testing ideas on the biggest stages, seeing what works in front of audiences. Most teachers are just learning from reading a couple books and that’s it.

So, they’re trying to teach the art form by guessing. They might no a couple tricks but they have no idea what it really takes to succeed with jazz piano in the real world.

And their students suffer as a result of their lack of experience.

How You Can Work With A World Class Jazz Piano Teacher

online piano teacherIn the last 7 years I’ve had the pleasure to work with over 600,000 students in our programs. Many of these students had worked with teachers in the past before they came to us.

But, because their teachers weren’t masters of these 4 elements and their teachers weren’t full time pro players, they came to us missing HUGE things in there playing.

And so that’s exactly why we created The Jazz Inner Circle Program.

We knew 98% of students weren’t getting the type of world class jazz education they needed to play the type of jazz that turns head and audiences LOVE to hear.

I mean it’s a simple but powerful concept. But, it’s 100% truth.

If you want to become great at jazz piano, you’ll need to learn from a mentor who’ve had proven success.

That’s why in the Jazz Inner Circle program we’ve created an all star cast of mentors.

We have mentors who are Grammy Nominated, world touring, in the Blues Hall of Fame, teachers at Berklee, best selling jazz piano course authors, top level studio musicians, sidesmen to the stars, etc. etc.

And the best part is that you can work with 1 on 1 with a world class jazz piano mentor in the comfort of your own home. That means you don’t have to waste hours every month driving or flying.

And you get access to the same level of instructors you’d get at a prestigious jazz piano conservatory.

How To Apply For The Jazz Inner Circle Program

If you’d like us to work with you 1-on-1 and help you double your playing skills, build breathtaking performances, master the best chords, scales, songs, & revolutionize your improv skills over the next 12 months then you can apply for the Jazz Inner Circle Program right here.

Spots are limited in the program. But, if you’re serious about investing in yourself to become to become the piano player you’ve always dreamed of then I encourage you to apply for the mentorship program here.

We look forward to seeing your applications and helping you transform your playing!

New Teacher Important Update

I’m thrilled to announce we’ve just added Aretha Franklin’s piano player to our Jazz Inner Circle faculty.

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