3 Things Smart Musicians Practice Every 90 Days

jazz studies 2017Did you know setting a 90 day goal can be a game changer for your music?
That’s because a 90 day goal is short term enough to be actionable.

So, to help you set some 90 day musical goals, I’ve created a list of 3 sample topics you could choose to work on.
These are 3 pain points for lots of jazz piano players. So, I’ll also attach some resources to get you started.

Ready? Let’s rock…


1. How To Sharpen Your Jazz Theory Chops

2. Building A Repertoire Of Tunes

3. Trio Playing Skill Development

Alright set a simple goal to improve your playing in 1 of these 3 areas. 90 days. Make it simple. Take action. Reap the rewards.

Until next time. Take some action. Make great music!

Steve “90 Day Goals” Nixon

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