"I'm Looking For A Few More Of My 
DREAM Jazz Piano Students..."
"If That's You... I Will PERSONALLY Work With You 1-On-1 And Help You Double Your Playing Skills, Build Breathtaking Performances, Master The Best Chords, Scales, Songs, And Revolutionize Your Improv Skills Over The Next 12 Months!"
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"Steve is 100% dedicated to helping his students succeed. There is no one else like Steve. He is truly unique in his skills." 

- Shemekia Copeland (Grammy Nominated Blues Singer)

Learn Live From Famous Musicians In The Comfort Of Your Home
Why Steve's "Inner Circle Program" Is Just Like
Having A Personal Jazz Piano Guru Available To You 24 Hours A Day!
My name is Steve Nixon. I'm a world touring jazz and blues piano player. I've played over 1800 pro gigs in over 17 countries and performed with Grammy award winning artists.

Plus, over 60,000 students have viewed my jazz courses (in over 52 countries.)

I've created the revolutionary 'Inner Circle' jazz piano mastery program to share everything I've learned from my years touring. I wanted to help you achieve incredible success at the piano too.

Inside the program I work closely with 15 jazz students (and ONLY 15 at a time) to help them drastically make HUGE leaps in their playing.  

There are only 15 people in the 'Inner Circle' and most members who get in, don't leave. They renew year after year and so it's VERY rare that there are any openings.  

But... if this page is online right now, then a few spots have opened up. You have a small window of opportunity to grab one of these coveted spots. Let me explain how it works (and what's in it for YOU!)

If you get accepted into the 'Inner Circle', this is how it will work:
  • 1st - Where are you with your solo piano skills?
  • 2nd - Where are you with your trio playing?
  • 3rd - Where are you with your comping?
  • 4th - Where are you with your repertoire?
  • 5th - Where are you with your chord voicing skills?
  • 6th - Where are you with your improv skills?
Once we have those "raw materials" we'll focus on 3 things:

  • 1st - I'll walk you step by step through my highest level "Jazz Piano Mastery Program" (Over $25,000 worth of jazz piano training resources, tools, practice templates, improv strategies, & tons more.)
  • 2nd - We'll meticously build the 6 major skills needed to become a world class jazz pianist.
  • 3rd - I'll take you systematically through my "Ultimate Jazz Workout Training System." This is where we implement a step by step program to build your jazz piano talent in record time.
And it's really that simple...
If you can't master the 6 skills, you can't play confidently...
If you can't play confidently...you can't truly play with your heart.
But if you get the 6 skills right... there are no limits to what you can do with your music!
You Could Literally Be Just A Few Small Tweaks Away From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or even QUADRUPLING your playing skills... but do you know which tweaks you need to make?
Here's How Working With Steve Completely Transformed Tony's Music
"Working with Steve Nixon was the best decision I ever made for my playing.

He's unlocked so many of the mysteries of jazz piano that I just couldn't figure out by myself.
I'm doing things with jazz I never dreamed I could do too. 
I'm gigging & just having more fun at the piano. 
My friends and family compliment me all the time on my growth. And that's what's making me happiest."
It's been a life changing experience so far. Highly recommended."

Tony S. - Villa Park, IL

 "Your Inner Circle Confidential New Member Application"
Here's Some Of The HUNDREDS of Benefits Of This Extraordinary Program
  • Private 1:1 lessons with Steve. 
  • Voxer access to Steve 24 hours a day.
  • "The Jazz Piano Mastery Program" (Over $25,000 worth of jazz piano training resources, tools, practice templates, improv strategies, & tons more.)
  • "The Ultimate Jazz Workout Training System." This is where we implement a complete practice program to build your jazz piano talent in record time. 
  • Access to over 50 hours of Steve's high level jazz intensive workshops.
  • Steve's "Jazz Piano Decade In A Day Mastermind" - A full day of personal training live.
  • And so much more....
Get Your Questions Answered 24 Hours A Day With Voxer Coaching!
If You're Serious About Becoming The Best Jazz Pianist You Can Than You've come to the right place. There's nothing left to do but apply.
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