"How I Went From A Blues Piano Failure To A World Touring Pro"

If you want to be a great blues pianist and don't want to pay thousands of dollars for lessons then this will be the most important message you're ever going to hear.

Dear Piano Friend,

I was embarrassed. 

I had just gone to a blues jam session and was laughed off the stage.

If you can picture the look of horror on my face. It was worse than you can imagine. 

You see, I had been trying to teach myself blues piano for 5 years. But it clearly wasn’t working.

I was playing the same old cliche licks. You know the ones that everybody’s heard 1000 times before?

My chords sounded flat.

My chops, my licks, my ear, my scales, and my improv were not where they needed to be either. Everything about my playing was lacking.

I was sick of sounding like an amateur and tired of feeling disorganized.

It got to the point where I was afraid to play in public. And I was scared I’d never be the player I dreamed of being.

Why Most Piano Players Fail

So, like most musicians I tried every solution I could think of. I tried the latest chords books, scale books, ear training books, play-alongs, ‘guru blues methods’ etc.

Even after trying all that different stuff guess what happened to my playing? It barely got any better! I was being pulled in 100 different directions and I was more confused than ever before.