All The Things You Are: Jazz Piano Lesson And Reharmonization

All The Things You Are Jazz Piano LessonI get a lot of requests from people who ask me to teach more jazz piano arrangements. I always aim to please!

So, today I thought it would be fun to teach you guys a bunch of new jazz piano chords and reharmonization tricks using the tune All The Things You Are.

This is a  tune that could definitely  be included in the list of must know jazz standards and is a tune that I’m requested to teach over and over again. (I also can’t even begin to count how many times this tune has been called on a gig! :))

As a result, I think you guys will really benefit from learning these new chords and reharmonizations tricks I teach you!

(By the way, this is a small sample of some of just one of the lessons in the new premium monthly membership version of the site.

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So, have fun with this free sample of the course. Let’s get started learning now! (Video, tips, chord chart, and more below.)

All The Things You Are Jazz Piano Lesson Video

Why not take a few minutes and watch as I teach you all the cool jazz piano chords and techniques I use.

Once you finish watching it I recommend you scroll down to check out the chord chart and a whole bunch of extra tips.

6 Tips To Help You Explore This Jazz Piano Lesson

1. Dominant chords have all kinds of possibilities when used as reharmonizations because of the abundance of notes you can use on them (1, b9, 9, 3rd, 11, #11, 5, b13, 13, b7).

2. If you want to learn more about dominant chord extensions check out this lesson on dominant jazz theory or this lesson on jazz turnarounds.

3. If you like some of inner voice motion I use over the Abmaj7 chord I recommend you also check out this Bill Evans II-V-I chords lesson.

4. In this lesson I use a lot of altered harmonies and sounds from the lydian dominant scale. You can check out this lesson on the altered scale and this lesson on lydian dominant if you want to learn more about these scales.

5. If you like this type of jazz piano arrangement lessons you can also check out this solo piano lesson or my basic lesson on Satin Doll piano chords

6. If you really like the way some of the individual chords sound in this lesson I recommend you practice the voicings in several keys . An even better approach would be for you to apply them to a tune you know!

Now, lets check out how the chords look on paper. Being able to see them written should be quite useful for you.

All The Things You Are Chord Chart (Plain)

Here is the basic chord chart for All The Things You Are. I kept the melody really plain here with no embellishments or interesting rhythms.

Make sure you also scroll below to check out the reharmonized version’s chord chart.

all the things you are jazz piano chords(Click to expand in a new window.)

All The Things You Are Chord Chart (Reharms)

Now, here’s the reharmonized All The Things You Are chord chart with all the new chords. I also added some syncopations and a few of the ornamentations in there like I play in the video.

( By the way if you would prefer full notation of this lesson (every single note written out) I’ve included it inside the Premium Membership Course.)

All The Things You Are Chords Reharmonized(Click to expand in a new window. Feel fee to share this online but please provide a link back to

I play these first 4 bars in sort of a ballad style and I use some rubato techniques (especially in measures 2 and 4). I encourage you though to experiment with your own rhythmic phrasing and change it if you like.

Jazz is very much about self expression. Bringing apart of you and what inspires you about music into any musict that you play is so important!

So, have fun practicing these chords and the reharmonizations everybody! I can’t wait to hear about your progress. 

jazz-piano-lessons-onlineIf you enjoyed this lesson and want a whole course filled with hours and hours of song lessons like this, I highly encourage to you to also check out The Premium Jazz Lessons Elite Membership Course right now.


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Beginning Photo Credit : Seriousbri via Flickr.

Steve Nixon