How To Play Satin Doll With Spread Voicings

jazz piano lessonsA couple weeks back we learned about a very famous style of jazz chords called spread voicings.

(If you missed the lesson and have no idea what spread voicings are make sure you check out the how to play spread voicings lesson).

Anyway, since then I received a couple emails from subscribers to the site asking me to demonstrate these voicings in the context of a jazz standard. (video lesson below)

So, here’s another free jazz piano lesson video.  In this video I teach you how to apply jazz spread voicings to the famous Duke Ellington jazz standard “Satin Doll”.

These spread voicings are some of the best solo jazz piano voicings out there.  They work great for solo piano as well as even in trio settings or accompanying a vocalist or instrumentalist.

Enjoy learning these voicings.  They are very powerful. Practice them in all your keys my friends and apply them to all your favorite tunes!

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If you’re looking for some licks you can play on Satin Doll check out this Wes Montgomery transcription on Satin Doll.

If you want to learn how to apply even more professional sounding jazz piano voicings to tons of great jazz standards I have a whole course that teaches you how to do it.

You can check out The Premium Membership course right here.

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Steve Nixon