Rootless Jazz Voicings-Min7th’s

Want to learn some cool left hand jazz chords? In this video I teach you how to use and apply rootless jazz piano voicings.  This video specifically focuses on Minor 7th voicings.

Rootless voicings are essential for any jazz piano player’s toolkit.

Be sure to also check out part 2 in the series where we learn rootless dominant chords and part 3 where we learn a whole rootless chord progression

In addition, if you want to check out other types of jazz chords you should also check out this free jazz lesson on two handed comping voicings or this lesson on shell voicings here.


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  • Paste1949

    Thanks very much for all your licks and information. Really great stuff that is very helpful. Thanks again and “keep on steppin”

  • Gabe T.

    Yo Steve, I just signed up, this is such a blessing from God, youre the man!

  • Chiu Chi-wei

    Hi Steve! this sound is very cool and mysterious. I have one question. Do min7b5(half diminish) and diminish7 have rootless voicing technic? If they have, how could I play?

  • Ian

    Very helpful! I needed a better understanding of piano chords so I went to this video. It was confusing finding a starting place, but I just went to Chord Lessons, and clicked “older posts” (or something similar) until I found the first page.