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Here’s a ton of lessons on jazz chords and jazz piano chords. You can easily access them by clicking on any of the titles below.

Playing Piano Chords With Both Hands: Free Tutorial

Time to have fun playing piano chords with both hands! (Free video lesson below) In today’s new video you’ll learn 3 easy ways of playing 2 handed piano chords. Every pianist needs to know these. Lets get started learning! Why A Free Playing Piano Chords With Both Hands Tutorial? I’ve filmed this free video below to…

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Fly Me To The Moon Piano Tutorial

Ready to learn how 2 jazz masters would play the Fly Me to the Moon piano chord progression? Well you’re in the right spot my friend! (free video lesson below) In today’s fun new video you’re going to learn how jazz masters Bud Powell and Bill Evans would play the first 8 bars of the tune.…

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Major 7th Chord Tutorial: Play Like The Pop Legends

Want to learn an easy formula for the major 7th chord? Want to learn how Elton John, Bruno Mars, The Beatles, & John Legend use this chord to create magic in some of their biggest hits? You’ve come to the right place! (free video lesson below) Today’s fun new video will teach you the building blocks…

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Jazz Comping: Leave Room For Your Bassist

Do you want to learn an important jazz comping technique? Do you know how to adjust your comping voicings when you’re playing with a bassist? In this video lesson you’ll learn how to adjust your chord voicings so when you’re comping with a bassist you’re not stepping on their range.  Your bassist will give you lots…

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Stella By Starlight Chords: Quick Tutorial

Want to learn some cool ways to play Stella By Starlight chords?  Then you’ve definitely come to the right place! In today’s quick video tutorial I’m going to teach you how to play some really cool voicings in context of the Stella By Starlight chords. Let’s dive right in! Stella By Starlight Chords: Video Tutorial Watch…

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Harmony Theory: 12 Cool Piano Harmony Techniques

In today’s harmony theory lesson we’re going to dive deep into some powerful jazz harmony training. And if you want to discover the power of jazz reharmonization? You’ve come to the right place… In this video, you’ll learn 12 cool jazz chord harmonies. These chords are all great examples of how to apply harmony theory. They teach…

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Piano Transposition Secrets Masterclass

Do you want to skyrocket your piano transposition skills? ==>Click here to register for this masterclass Alright, so over the years we’ve talked about a lot of different strategies to really take advantage and maximize your practice time right… We all only have 24 hours in the day. So, when we can find ways to shortcut…

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Take Five Chords: Quick Piano Tutorial

Would you like to learn how to play the Take Five chords? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In today’s easy to follow video lesson you’re going to learn the intro chords to Take Five. But that’s not all… You’re also going to learn how to count and play in a 5 / 4…

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