2 Essential Syncopation Tricks

Want to learn some awesome syncopation moves that you can use to add energy and excitement to your arrangements? Cool! (video below)

You can use move #1 to make your left chord hand patterns much more exciting. You can move #2 to add energy to a bland & boring melody.

Both of these rhythms are must have moves for your jazz tool belt. Ready to get started learning?

Special Syncopation Jazz DVD Sample Tutorial

In this video I show you a technique called “The Anticipation Exciter” and “The Chicago Jazz Comping Rhythm”. Watch the vid to learn these must have moves!

The tutorial above is a sample from my new beginner jazz piano training program. It’s called “The Zero To Jazz Piano Hero” 2 DVD set.

Update: The Zero To Jazz Piano Hero Program has been released! You can grab your copy by clicking right here

What Is The Zero To Jazz Piano Hero Program?

A few days ago we released our first sample video of the DVD. And since that time my inbox has been flooded with questions. Thank you so much for your incredible response so far!!

Many people have asked what they’ll get access to inside this special 2 DVD set. Here’s a sample list…

  • syncopationOver 4 Hours Of Beginner Jazz Piano Secrets Filmed In HD.
  • Sheet Music For Every Chord, Chord Progression, & Song Inside The Program.
  • Step By Step Method To Go From Zero To Playing Songs You Love In 30-60 Days.
  • Unlock Amazing Chord Progression Formulas That You’ll Find In Hundreds Of Classic Jazz Songs.
  • Helpful Text On Screen For Those Who Like To Learn More By Ear.
  • Piano Technique Secrets To Get Your Fingers Flying Across The Keyboard With Ease.
  • Unlock Cool Scale Secrets That You Can Use To Build Any Chord In Any Key.
  • Chords Mastery Secrets That Only My Best Students Have Learned (Until Now That Is!)
  • Pro Jazz Jam Tracks & MIDI Files So Practicing Will Be More Fun & Easy.
  • Simple Fingering Tricks That Will Help You Build Incredible Muscle Memory & Speed.
  • The 4 “Power Practice Shapes” That Will Increase The Efficiency Of Your Practice Over 500%.
  • And So Much More…

PLUS…You have the option of instantly streaming the video and/or owning your very own DVD set.  So, you can learn and play from the video from anywhere at any time.

But I didn’t stop there…

I’m Doing Something Big For This DVD Launch

Music is supposed to be about having fun right? So, I like to bring a fun and celebration feel to our product launches.


I’ve had the incredible pleasure to  play thousands of gigs all over the world. Music is a celebration of the spirit. It’s about connecting with people!

So, just like my live gigs, I like to bring a celebration feel to my product launches.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce we’re also including 5 super piano bonuses with this product. These are all brand new and never been released before content.

You can check out the whole course and bonuses here.

Now, here comes the even better part….

You Spoke And I Listened Closely

beginner jazz pianoAs the ‘band leader’ of this special community of jazz students, I’ve received thousands of emails from beginner jazz piano students over the years.

You’ve told me about your pain, your frustrations, and challenges you’ve had trying to learn jazz.

And you’ve told me that many of the programs, books, and ‘jazz gurus’ out there assume you have a ton of jazz skills already.

And this has frustrated the heck out of you! And that’s not the best way for you to learn. Trust me I understand because I was there myself.

A Clear Path Toward Your Jazz Piano Success

syncopationSo, I set out to create a brand new solution for jazz piano beginners.

Something that would streamline all those discoveries from my years in the practice room into a simple step by step solution for jazz beginners.

A clear method that will take you from zero to playing the best chords and songs you love in 30-60 days.

So, I created a brand new 2 DVD program to help beginner jazz piano students achieve massive jazz piano success.

Speaking of cool things….

Cool New Resources Being Released Next Week

As many people know, I like to release free tutorials and resources whenever we release a new product.

It’s just my way of saying thanks to the community. So, next week we have another cool sample video we’ll be releasing. It’s one of the most fun videos we’ve created.

syncopationI did a voiceover on the new video and I got to pretend I was a radio announcer. 🙂

I first played the ‘radio announcer’ when we launched The Breakthrough Blues Method and I heard from so many people that they loved the trailer.

So, I reprised my role with a brand new program. Plus, I played piano on it, laid down the bass track, and even programmed the drum parts on the new video too.

Needless to say, I’m super excited to share this new one with you!

In the meantime jump in and start learning the 2 essential syncopation moves from the video above.

Remember, you can use the syncopation techniques I teach in the video on jazz, blues, rock, country, and gospel songs too. Syncopation is stylistically super versatile!

If you have questions on this lesson, about syncopation, or about the DVD please leave a comment below.

You can also or email us using the contact form at the top of the site. I’m always happy to help!

Steve Nixon