Zero To Jazz Piano Hero Program Thank You Video

Hi! Just wanted to take a quick second and say thank you to everyone who’s already ordered the Zero To Jazz Piano Hero Program so far.

I’m incredibly humbled and honored by the response thus far. It’s truly been amazing.

While my team and I were packaging the orders I thought I’d create a little video and personally thank you all. You can check it out below.

Please note it was an (all-night-er) here at the office so I shot the video in my ‘comfy clothes’ These days I usually dress a little nicer for my lessons but not in this one. There wasn’t any script or anything like that.

Just real talk and real gratitude :).

For those of you who’ve already ordered I will be shipping out the first 160 orders today via US first class mail. They should arrive in your mail box in no time!

The Growth Is Unbelievable

Every day over 3,000 musicians visit this site.

As ‘the host of the party’ I feel privileged and very lucky that I have the opportunity to share my passion. And life’s work with so many cool musicians all around the world.

So, again thank you everyone for your continued love and support!

If you have questions about The Zero To Jazz Piano Hero Program my team and I are always happy to help. You can leave a comment below or send us an email using the contact form above.

Have a wonderful day and we’ll be seeing you very soon.

In Gratitude,

Steve Nixon

P.S. I’ve already gotten some fantastic reviews for this course. I’ll post them soon. You can also check out some samples from the course. Check out the Learn 2 Essential Syncopation Tricks and the How To Organize Your Chord Practice lesson right here.

Steve Nixon