How To Play Spread Voicings on Piano – Great Jazz Piano Chords!

– Are you struggling to find good solo jazz piano voicings?

– Do you only feel comfortable when you’re playing in a trio and there’s a bass player laying down the bottom end for you?

– How about accompanying vocalists?  Do you have trouble finding the right voicings to play behind a singer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this free jazz piano lesson video was made for you! (video lesson below)

In this free video lesson I teach you how to play some of the most effective jazz voicings out there.  These voicings are known as the spread voicing (sometimes called open voicings).

These voicings work great applied to solo piano, accompanying a singer, accompanying an instrumentalist, and even in certain situations in a trio or a quartet setting.

Check ’em out and enjoy the lesson……..  If you would like to learn how to apply these voicings to a tune check out this lesson here Satin Doll chord lesson.  You can also check out how Bill Evans played advanced spread voicings here Bill Evans chords.

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Steve Nixon