Jazz Licks Starting On Any Note (Part 2)

jazz improvisationIn today’s jazz licks lesson we’re going to learn 3 awesome licks that start on the 9th of a minor chord.

This is the second article in our “How To Play Jazz Licks Starting On Any Note Series”.

Armed with the ability to start your jazz improvisation on any note, you’re soloing will really become much more effective. This series will hopefully prevent you from running into a “dead end” or bad notes in your jazz improvisation.

You’ll know how to navigate smoothly from any of the 12 chromatic notes by the time we’re done. All notes will be correct!

If you missed the first lesson (dealing with licks starting on scale degree 1 of minor chords) you can check out the lesson right here jazz riffs on the root.

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Ok, on to our jazz licks!

Jazz Lick #1 Starting On The 9th

Jazz Licks

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Jazz Lick #2 Starting On The 9th

jazz lick 2

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 Jazz Lick #3 Starting On The 9th

bebop licks

Bonus: More Licks Starting On The 9th

1. Here’s a super sweet Bill Evans jazz lick that also starts on the 9th.

2. Also, check out this Bud Powell inspired lick. It also starts on the 9th. Both of these licks have full video lessons and a bunch of other jazz lesson information in them.  Enjoy!

3. Want to learn some chords that you can use over these riffs? Check out this jazz theory and harmony lesson

Tips For Learning All These Jazz Licks

1. Print out a copy of these licks for reference.

2. Practice applying these licks over your favorite jazz tunes. Not sure what tunes to learn?  Start by reading this article on the best fake books to learn from. You also can check out some this learn jazz standards article.

3. Learn them in all 12 keys.  As we mentioned before II-V-I (2-5-1) is the most popular chord progression in jazz music.  If you understand how to play over II-V-I’s you’ll be able to navigate through most jazz standards.

4. Need some chords to play under these licks?  Check out this II-V-I jazz chords lesson.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this lesson and it makes a difference in your jazz playing.  If so, please leave a comment below and let us know about it.  The community would love to hear from you!

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Steve Nixon