How To Play Misty – Jazz Piano Reharmonization

Make Your Jazz Standards More Interesting

Have you ever noticed that great jazz piano players seem to play so many more chords than are written in your everyday run of the mill fakebook? Why is this?

For starters, most of the time the chord changes written in a fakebook are either very bland, boring, or worse yet… completely wrong!

How can we learn to get those beautiful and lush harmonies that people like Bill Evans, Brad Mehldau, Chick Corea, and many others use? (video lesson below)

So, to get you guys started I decided to do a quick jazz piano reharmonization lesson using the classic jazz standard Misty. In this video I show you how I take the basic chords written in the song and really spice them up by adding reharmonizations, substitutions, and inner voice movement.

Here’s the written out Misty chord chart if you would like to look at it on paper.

Make sure you take some of the chords and reharmonizations I play in this jazz piano lesson and apply them all over your next arrangement.

  • I am using this lesson to do a lbig band chart based on your reharmonizations..I LOVE them!! When are you finishing the rest of Misty??

  • Roger63d

    Hi, i am from Italy Thank you for lesson jazz.To continued.Happy Birthday.i very like lesson.To be continued for the we young pianist jazz and BIG THANK .

  • Armandobayutas

    Hi, there Mr. Steve Nixon…I really love the way you play the Misty, Jazz Piano Harmonition… How or where can I get the complete lesson? Pls. Adv….Thank you so much…