Cool Chord Chart For Misty Reharmonization

If you want to learn Misty chords to the jazz standard Misty then you’ve come to the right place!

Ok, so as promised I charted out the chords for the jazz piano video lesson I made on reharmonizing Misty.

If you haven’t seen the video check it out here: Misty reharmonization lesson.

Thanks to Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson for their inspiration.

Original Misty Chords (with melody)

Here is the chord chart for the reharmonized chords.  As you can see there is a lot of inner voice motion, delayed resolution, tritone substitutions, and some other voodoo stuff. 🙂

Make sure you watch the performance and lesson on these new Misty chords below.

Reharmonized Misty Chords

Hope you all enjoy the reharmonization video and the chord charts. Let me know if there are other tunes or jazz lessons you guys would like me to dive into?

Update: I just did a whole reharmonization lesson on the chord changes to Here’s That Rainy Day. Check it out! 🙂

You can also immediately access over 16 hours of tunes, chords, and reharmonization secrets in this jazz piano course right here.

  • carlos

    and the segunada part of the misty theme. her can you explain

  • Bluesmasblues

    Steve … man thank’s for share this jazz lessons … Misty is definitely one of my favorites, I don’t play jazz but this way of teaching is just great, this song is being easy to understand and I was hoping to learn it some day … still sounds funny the low e sharp note but the more I see the way you do the more i get it … my name is Jorge .. I promise that I will play this song using the re harmonization   in my youtube channel and I will made clear that I learn it from you my friend … take care    

    • Welcome to the community here Jorge !  I can’t wait to see your youtube version of the tune.  Thanks for your support by telling people where you learned it Jorge 🙂

  • Sam Tamelghaghet


  • Glad you find it helpful Tom. Thanks for the comment!

  • jobiwankanobi

    Hi Steve, thank you for putting up this version of Misty and for the tutorial. The chords are AMAZING! I’m really loving jazz chords in the context of a song or riff. I think I’ve got the jazz bug. I had a blast learning the song, and will keep working on it for a few more days until I can play it smoothly. Thanks again!

    • You’re most welcome my friend. Happy to help!

      • jobiwankanobi

        Oh you know I actually have a question if you don’t mind. What beat/tempo would you use for misty, or is it more of a looser tempo song? Thanks.

        • I play it as a ballad (around 54 ppm) but theoretically you could play it as more of a medium or even more rubato and free.

          • jobiwankanobi

            Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I’ve been playing it during your video to get better timing.