Misty Chords & Cool Reharmonization

misty chordsIf you want to learn Misty chords to the jazz standard Misty then you’ve come to the right place!

Ok, so as promised I charted out the chords for the jazz piano video lesson I made on reharmonizing Misty.

If you haven’t seen the video check it out here: Misty reharmonization lesson.

Thanks to Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson for their inspiration in building these Misty Chords for the 21st century.

Original Misty Chords (with melody)

Here is the chord chart for the reharmonized chords.  As you can see there is a lot of inner voice motion, delayed resolution, tritone substitutions, and some other voodoo stuff. 🙂

Make sure you watch the performance and lesson on these new Misty chords below.

The traditional misty chords are as follows:

Ebmaj7 – Bbm7 Eb7 – Abmaj7 – Abm7 Db7 – Ebmaj7 Cm7 – Fm7 Bb7 – Gm7 C7 – Fm7 Bb7

That’s the A section of the song.

Now, in the next section I’m going to show you some much cooler Misty chords. You’ll get much more people taking notice if you play these chords below.

Reharmonized Misty Chords

3 Techniques I’m Using To Spice Up The Misty Chords

  1. In the very beginning I’m harmonizing the 1st part of the melody with a dominant 7th sus going to a dominant 7th. Most people just play the first 2 notes as pickup notes. I wanted too add some interesting sounding jazz harmony into the mix.
  2. The first traditional chord of Misty is usually just a basic Ebmaj7. To create some forward motion I’m harmonizing it in the very beginning with an Eb diminished 7th chord. Then, I finally resolve to the Ebmaj7 chord. This diminished resolving to major is a jazz theory technique I learned from Bill Evans.
  3. I’m also using a tritone substitution in the last line. This is a fundamental jazz chord technique that essentially takes a dominant chord and substitutes it with another dominant chord 6 half steps higher. It’s a beautiful sound.

Hope you all enjoy the reharmonization video and the 2 different Misty chord charts. Let me know if there are other tunes or jazz lessons you guys would like me to dive into?

Update: I just did a whole reharmonization lesson on the chord changes to Here’s That Rainy Day. Check it out! 🙂

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