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This is the area of the site where you can explore some jazz piano transcriptions and transcriptions by other instruments as well.

Studying the jazz vocabulary of your favorite jazz musicians is an incredible way to learn jazz.

You can get started by clicking on any of the lessons below to start learning. Have fun!

3 Best Jazz Albums To Study – Advice For Students

In today’s video I’m going to tell you about 3 of the best jazz albums that changed my musical life. These best jazz albums are my 3 recommendations for students who want to begin learning jazz from recordings. All 3 of these recordings completely changed my life as a player. I learned a ton from…

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How To Organize Your Chord Practice

Are you searching for an easy way to organize your chord practice? You’ve come to the right place. In this lesson you’ll find a free sample from my beginner jazz piano course, “The Zero To Jazz Piano Hero Program” (Free sample video tutorial below) Update: The Zero To Jazz Piano Hero Program has been released! You can…

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The Christmas Jazz Piano Super System Is HERE!!

Hey jazz piano and christmas piano fans!  The Christmas Jazz Piano Super System is now LIVE and available today! You can get access to the course right here. As a reminder, I am including some very special and limited bonuses exclusive to launch week.  Plus, I’m also including FREE shipping to anywhere in the world for…

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Jazz Piano Transcription: Lesson on Sonny Clark’s Blue Minor Solo

Do you like free jazz piano transcriptions? Awesome! Then, you’ll love this Sonnny Clark jazz piano transcription. One of the most powerful ways to learn jazz piano is to transcribe and study the playing of your favorite jazz musicians. It is for this reason that I have included a number of jazz piano transcriptions on this…

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Jazz Masters Method Special Video Blog Thank You

Hey everybody! Today’s post is going to be short but sweet. I’m truly humbled right now. I’d like to thank everybody who’s ordered the Jazz Masters Method DVD so far during this launch week. The response has been simply been AMAZING. I am truly blessed!  Thank you!! I prepared a quick little video blog as I…

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Free Lesson And A Big Announcement

Hey Friends, I hope you’ve had a GREAT week so far. I can’t believe another week has passed and the weekend is fast approaching! (I’m excited though as I’m going on a 15 mile hike through some trails in Wisconsin. So, keep your fingers crossed I make it in one piece!) Ok, now onto the…

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Barry Harris Rhythm Changes Transcription Lesson

One of the best ways to really learn how to play jazz is to listen and study the playing of the masters. So, in today’s free jazz lesson we’re going to do an in depth study of a Barry Harris solo. Barry Harris took this solo on the tune “Moose the Mooche”. The chords to…

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How To Play Here’s That Rainy Day-Reharmonization Lesson

We all want to learn more about jazz chords don’t we? We love the way (fill in your favorite jazz musician here) plays but for some reason we can’t seem to figure out what they’re doing. Great jazz musicians tend to play so much more than what’s on a plain old chord chart.  So, how can…

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