Oscar Peterson Lick Lesson

Here’s a fun Oscar Peterson lick.  Oscar played this lick over a blues but you can throw it in over many other tunes.

This little 4 bar lick is filled to the rim with all kinds of blues and jazz vocabulary. (audio and tips for learning this lick below)

You can click on this lick to expand and print.

oscar peterson blues lick

Here are some cool things about the lick.

Rhythm and phrasing

1.  This lick has many classic jazz rhythms. Here’s a couple other lick lessons that also feature the same rhythmic approach as this solo. Bebop lick lesson and this very cool minor key jazz lick.

2. Many great jazz phrases start rhythmically on the “&” of a beat. Starting on the “&” often times creates a sense of forward motion in your soloing. It’s a common rhythmic device in jazz and swing music. Oscar starts this lick on the “& of 1”.

3. More than half of the lick features the blues scale (bars 1, half of bar 2, most of bar 3).

4. Oscar uses a 4 beat approach pattern to target the 3rd (D) on beat 1 off the Bb7 chord.  He does this by starting his approach or “set up” on beat 3 of bar 2.  By setting up this chord change early Oscar’s line has a definite sense of forward motion.

We also explore this concept further in our oscar peterson exercises tutorial.

5. There are some other informational lesson on this site you can check out. For example, you can check out this lesson on a  jazz blues chord progression and this blues piano chords lesson.

6. For a full blues piano course I highly recommend this Learn Blues Piano DVD.  It’s an ultimate resource for learning blues piano.  Plus it’s fun 🙂


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  • John

    Fantastic materials, Thank you once again

  • TromboneAl

    This is a great lick.  Here’s a recording I made of this lick over the chord progression for Have you Met Ms. Jones.  I start it on the and of 3:


    • Very cool Al! That’s a great tune to play this lick over. Blues licks don’t have to be just played over blues tunes.  They can be played on all standards.

      I hope more people do what you just did with the material on this site! 

  • soundsauce

    Thanks Trombone Al
    May I ask please over which bars of ‘Have you met Miss Jones’ do you play this chord progression?