Barry Harris Transcribed solo “On Green Dolphin Street”

Barry Harris soloHere’s a transcription I made about two months ago of Barry Harris’ solo on the jazz standard “Green Dolphin Street”.

Barry has some really killin’ II-V-I licks on here and really plays some really nice stuff through the break section.  Check out his lines over the major chords and the break section as well.   Hope you enjoy!

On Green Dolphin Street-Barry Harris Solo

More Jazz Transcriptions

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As you’re learning, remember that jazz is a language. It takes some time to learn but the pursuit is very fun and rewarding.

There’s a million things you can do with all the new vocabulary you use.

Obviously, learning transcriptions and learning licks are useful in the jazz idiom but you can also apply all the new jazz theory you learn to so many other styles of music.

Jazz features all kinds of common patterns and chord progressions you’ll find in lots of different styes.

Green Dolphin Street Tips

One final thought. Notice over the A sections of the solo Barry tends to use more of a modal/scalar approach to the tune and he mixes some bebop in.

Since the B and C sections of the tune use more traditional bebop based 2 5 1 chord changes Barry tends to focus his improvisation style more in that direction.

It’s a beautiful blend of different vocabulary types. Have fun exploring this solo. It’s very accessible and a great model to study for beginning jazz improvisers.  See you next time!!


Steve Nixon