Bill Evans So What Jazz Piano Chords Lesson

so what jazz piano chordsHey friends! Hope you’re having a fantastic day today.

Ready to learn some new jazz piano chords? Cool! Let’s get started.

In this jazz piano chord lesson we’re going to learn 2 of the most famous piano chords in jazz music.

These are the chords that Bill Evans played on the classic Miles Davis tune “So What”. (video and tips below)

(Start by watching the video below then scroll down for tips and notation)

jazz piano chords

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5  Tips To HelpYou Learn These Jazz Piano Chords

1. These chords come from the Dorian mode and are considered modal chords.

2. If you need additional tips on the modes then check out this lesson on how to play minor modes and this lesson on the major modes.

2. One of the reasons these chords sound so cool is because they’re built from a combination of 4th intervals on the bottom and a 3rd on top.

3. This creates an awesome combination of quartal harmony and tertiary harmony. (Quartal means chords built in 4ths. Tertiary means chords built in 3rds.)

4. In the Dorian mode the I chord and the II chords are minor chords. So, these chords fit right in there.

6. You can use these chords over a modal jazz tune or you can even use them over the minor chords in your II-V-I chord progression.

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It’s a great place to learn more about what to  transcribe for the first time.


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