How To Play 4 Different Major Jazz Piano Chords

major piano chordsAre you sick and tired of playing generic piano chords?

Do you find yourself playing chords the same old way whenever they come up in a chord chart?

If so, then this jazz piano lesson was designed for you!

In today’s lesson we’re going to take a look at 4 unique ways of playing major jazz piano chords. (video lesson, notation, and tips below.)

Let’s get starting learning! (Start by watching the video below that I’ve created for you. Then, scroll down for extra tips and notation.) 

6 Tips To Help You Learn These Piano Chords

1. sych of these chords are built by starting with 3 fundamental chord tones. (Root, 3rd, & 7th).

Then we add 1 or 2 “color note” or “extensions”. These would be either the 9th, the #11, or the 13th of a chord.

2. Make sure you pay close attention to what the top note is of each chord. Although, these chords will work in most musical situations there are times when they may interfere with the melody of a song.

3. The best way to learn any new chord you learn is to immediately apply it to a song or a chord progression you love.  Don’t wait…do it right now. 🙂

jazz piano lessons onlineThat’s exactly why we explore hundreds of awesome chords & apply them to real songs in the Premium Jazz Lessons Elite Membership Course.

4. It’s important that you learn these chords in all your keys. You’ll want access to them in all kinds of different songs. I promise this will help. You’ll thank me later! 🙂

5.Each chord has it’s own unique color and sound to it. So, it’s always best to use your ear as a guide in regards to when is an appropriate time to play them. 

6. If you’re more of a beginner and looking for some simpler chords than check out this easy jazz piano chords lesson.

Why You Should Learn These Piano Chords

By adding these chords into your bag of tricks you’ll be able to express yourself much better and bring a whole new layer of interest to your music.

Also, the great news is you’ll be able to use these jazz piano chords for songs in a variety of other music styles as well (not just jazz).

Notation For This Jazz Piano Lesson

Piano Chords

(click to expand)

More Jazz Piano Chord Resources

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Update On Why You Play Jazz

I’d like to thank all the readers who took the time to responded to our last article Why do you play jazz?

The answers so far have been simply amazing! We’ve had over 32 people respond and comment so far on this one! Unreal. 🙂

If you haven’t read the article yet I strongly encourage you to. Have a great day! 🙂


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Steve Nixon