Why Do You Play Jazz?

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Today, we’re going to help you solve some of your musical problems. In order to do that I’d like to share a story with you guys. Hopefully you can relate.

My Motivation is Your Motivation

So, every year around my birthday (which is 2 days from now) I like to do a quick assessment of my musical goals for the upcoming year. 🙂

I’ll ask myself questions like…..

“What do I want to accomplish musically in the next year?”  

“What is my #1 goal in playing jazz?”

“What do I want to get from playing jazz?” 

The more specific and clear I am about my true inspiration for playing jazz music the easier it is to propel my playing to the next level.

Knowing why I sit down at the piano everyday has brought an incredible sense of joy to my life.

Why Do You Play Jazz?

So, I’d like to ask you now….Why do you play jazz?

  • For some of you it might be to be become a better rock musician?
  • Maybe you love the way the rhythm makes you feel?
  • Do you think learning jazz makes you a better composer?
  • Do you play jazz to try and meet the opposite sex?
  • Maybe, you want to be able to jam better with your friends?
  • Perhaps you want to just improve your improvisation and jazz seems like a good way to do it?
  • Maybe you just want to learn jazz chords to throw in a hip hop track?
  • Maybe it’s something else entirely??

Now, everybody has their own individual reasons to learn jazz. and they’re all fantastic and valid reasons. There is no right or wrong here. It’s all correct!

Your Answers = Your Success

Finding the answers to these questions will give you an incredible sense of clarity and purpose in your own musical pursuits.

You’ll also find your ability to be able to practice for longer hours increasing and your voice as an artist become much more laser focused and clear. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

On a simple level it’s just becomes way more fun to play music everyday!

Your Action Step Right Now

Now, I’d like to turn the floor over to you and let you have some fun.

To help yourself grow as a musician please leave a comment below and share with us. Why do you play jazz??


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Steve Nixon