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Here is a whole list of lessons on jazz improvisation.

How To Improvise With Symmetrical Scales

Symmetrical Scales:  As an art form has seen countless permutations. Starting with simple blues melodies in the early 1900s; incorporating chromaticism and arpeggios with the rise of bebop led by Charlie Parker in the 1940s. Taking a dive into the modal era pioneered by Miles Davis in the 50s and 60s; through even more experimentation…

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Harmony Theory: 12 Cool Piano Harmony Techniques

In today’s harmony theory lesson we’re going to dive deep into some powerful jazz harmony training. And if you want to discover the power of jazz reharmonization? You’ve come to the right place… In this video, you’ll learn 12 cool jazz chord harmonies. These chords are all great examples of how to apply harmony theory. They teach…

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Piano Transposition Secrets Masterclass

Do you want to skyrocket your piano transposition skills? ==>Click here to register for this masterclass Alright, so over the years we’ve talked about a lot of different strategies to really take advantage and maximize your practice time right… We all only have 24 hours in the day. So, when we can find ways to shortcut…

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2 Unusual Oscar Peterson Jazz Exercises

Do you want to learn 2 unusual Oscar Peterson jazz exercises? I’ve had a lot of students ask me who I studied when I was an up and coming jazz pianist. We’re all constantly looking for ways to maximize our return on investment with our jazz piano practice time right? Well, I’m reaching out to you today…

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Announcing A Brand New Piano Lessons Online Website

Hey there! We’ve got a major announcement today. I’m so excited to release this video.  So, over the years we’ve had a ton of requests from students who’ve asked us if we could create some different styles of music in our tutorials. I’ve heard things like, “We love the jazz tutorials but can you also teach…

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Pentatonic Scale Piano Made Easy

Would you like to learn more about pentatonic scale piano techniques? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In today’s free video lesson you will quickly learn how to incorporate pentatonic scales into your improvisation skill set. After watching this video your music will sound that much more beautiful. So, be prepared to capture your…

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Blues Piano Tutorial: How To Play Big Blues Licks

Are you searching for a cool new blues piano tutorial? You’ve come to the right place. In this lesson you’ll find a free sample from our blues piano DVD, “The Breakthrough Blues Piano Method.” (Free sample video tutorial below) Update: The Breakthrough Blues Piano Method has been released. You can grab a copy by click right here How…

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Tasty Blues Piano Licks #1

Want to learn how blues piano licks can be used over blues, rock, gospel, and jazz chord changes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s video I’m going to teach you a tasty lick that will be a great source material for soloing, creating melodies, and fills. Why A Free Blues Piano Lick Video? I’ve…

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