Zero To Jazz Piano Hero Review

zero to jazz piano hero reviewEveryday we get very beautiful emails from students telling us how much The Zero To Jazz Piano Hero Course has helped their playing.

We love to hear about student success stories! I wanted to feature a few really beautiful ones we’ve received in the last week.

If you have purchased the program and enjoyed it please shoot us an email and let us know. We’d be honored to share your story.



“Thanks again to Steve. This was really something I needed, which I thought I just wouldn’t need as an experienced guy (wrongfully I thought so). Very useful stuff for little me!”

Keep swinging.
– Bill Leksen, Stockholm, Sweden

“I really enjoy the jazz piano course and as a complete beginner I am still trying to master a basic solid understanding of music fundamentals but I am improving so the Jazz hero program helps tremendously.”

– Michael Crowe, United Kingdom


I “love” the Zero to Hero course even though I’ve been SLOWLY progressing through it. It’s really great to
have the rust slowly coming off the wheels! Especially with a teacher I can relate to and understand!!! Thanks!”

– William Peck, Lexington, Massachusetts


“Steve, I am half way through your zero to hero program. It is great. I’ve learned a ton. I work through both at the same time? I currently practice from 4am to 7am everyday so time is not an issue. Your ZTH has changed my life. I have become re motivated for life and now wake up at 3:45 am to get my licks in. Thanks”

– Michael Sutkowski, Boulder, Colorado


“Steve breaks things down into small, easily learned bits of information that will have you arranging and playing music that sounds great in a very short period of time.”

– Keith Johns, Illinois

If you’re a jazz piano newbie, weak on music theory, or want to drastically improve the way you practice at the piano you’ll love the Zero To Jazz Piano Hero course.  You can get grab a copy of the course by clicking right here.

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