Some Incredible Testimonials For The Jazz Masters Method DVD

jazz piano lessons DVD reviewI’m completely honored and very excited to learn that Making Music Magazine¬†has just published a very nice review of my Jazz Masters Method DVD in their latest issue (May/June 2013).

Every time I go into Guitar Center and check out new keyboards I seem to always find myself pickup a copy of their magazine.

So, it’s very humbling to receive such a high praise from a magazine that I’ve read and enjoyed many times! It’s sort of a surreal feeling actually…

Here’s 2 of the highlights from the review:

jazz piano lesson DVD“Steve Nixon teaches you to improvise in the style of the 9 jazz piano masters”.

“…with a step by step action plan Nixon teaches essential phrases of jazz masters, chords, killer jazz licks, and improvisational techniques.”

-Making Music Magazine May/June 2013

I’m thrilled to know they enjoyed the DVD and I’d like to send a quick shout out to Making Music Magazine for taking the time to publish the review. Thank you!

It really is an amazing feeling to be able to share my passion for jazz and music on a daily basis through The Jazz Masters Method DVD and this site. ūüôā

Thank you to the loyal readers of this site. I love sharing music with you.

Some Other Awesome Testimonials From Buyers

Here are a couple of the testimonials I’ve recently received from fans.

Dear Steve,

The “focus on just a few small things but know them really well” idea really seems to be working for me – I’ve concentrated solely on the Bud Powell lick since purchasing your course about three weeks ago, trying to take it through all keys, coming up with variations etc.¬†I particularly like your lick analysis, which is opening doors, and am starting to feel more comfortable with minor 2 5 1 – I’ve a long way to go but this approach feels right.¬†So, thanks for a great website and the jazz masters method,

РBen Rodskjaer


Steve,¬†I recently purchased the Jazz Masters system and¬†can’t believe how you have studied and broke down the incredible licks from the top masters.¬†You are an incredible instructor. So pleasing to spend a few hours each day working on your material.¬†

– Joe Erickson


I am a classical guitarist learning Jazz comping and soloing. I
recently purchased your Jazz Masters Method course. Learning the piano
way from you has been far more intuitive and instructive than the
guitar courses I purchased. Love the format you have for lessons and licks on your site as well. Steve, you are doing a great service to the jazz community and to help others become great soloists!

– Rich E


Hi Steve,

Wow. I am getting so much joy and knowledge watching and learning from your videos that I had to say thanks.¬†Watching you break down a simple set of changes and accompanying licks,¬† I began to see that light myself ūüôā That skill is a priceless bonus of your method.

– Peter Lauda


Dear Steve,

Thanks so much ! ¬†I had a look at the first lesson and I’m very happy. ¬†I first found you, recently, on YouTube — your video on rootless 7th chords or something like this. ¬†I thought it was fabulous. You answered all my questions, broke everything down wonderfully and made it possible for me to DO it. ¬†So I bought the paid thing and here I go !!!

– JoJo Z


The Take Away

I’d like to share one final thing that I think is very cool. Making Music Magazine’s motto is “Better Living Through Recreational Music Making” and I align very much with that message.

Music has made everything in my life better and continues to do so daily. I truly hope it does the same for you too!

Until next time my friends. Let’s keep making great music!

P.S. If you haven’t picked up your copy of the DVD yet and would like to you can find ¬†more info about the Jazz Masters Method DVD right here.

Steve Nixon