The #1 Reason Why Students Don’t Improve At The Piano

piano lessonsGot an important email from jazz student Alex this morning.

Alex is having trouble finding time to practice. So, today I want to address the #1 problem that holds people back from realizing their potential at the piano. 

QUESTION: “Steve, I really do want to play jazz and I really do want to become a better piano player. I dream of it. I just feel like I don’t have enough time. I’m so busy with everything going on. How can I find more time to practice?”

STEVE’S ANSWER: Thanks for your honestly. When, you say you don’t have any time I want you to ask yourself some important questions right now.

Be honest with yourself while answering these because I promise you it will reveal a lot of why you’re getting inconsistent results at the piano.

1) How much time do you honestly spend on Facebook?

2) How much time did you watch TV last week? 

3) How much time did you watch Netflix?

4) How much time did you spend doing other time wasting activites this week? 

Here’s the reality of the situation. Everybody has the same amount of time in the day. We all have 24 hours. When you think about it, 24 hours is a lot of time! Everybody has at least 20 minutes a day to play piano. Everybody!

It comes down to being honest with what you do with your time.

I lead a very full life. I hang with friends, I work, I sleep, I spend time with family, I watch movies, and I have hobbies. And yet I find time to practice. I’m super ‘busy’ too but not ‘wasting my time busy’. I’m really not much different than anybody else.

The only different is that I know that my time on earth is precious.

Music is precious. Music is soul enriching.

It’s the embodiment of love and a great way to contribute to the world. It brings more peace and joy to our lives and our friends and families lives. It’s a tool of self discovery and wait for it….playing the piano is FUN!

Wasting your life away watching too much TV, mindlessly spending hours on Facebook, or doing other negative return on investment activities is not healthy and doesn’t enrich you. It takes energy away.

How much joy and deep happiness you could be creating for yourself by investing in jazz piano and building skills, playing beautiful sounds, and nurturing yourself?

Learning an art form that can spring forth endless fruit and spiritual nourishment. And the  pursuit of jazz is a creation of energy and joy. Unlike TV!

So, going forward think of your time as being precious. You can’t ever get it back. Stop wasting your time. Today is a new day to refocus on your art and piano. Make it happen and go get some practice in!

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Steve ” Time Investment In Yourself” Nixon

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