Free Lesson And A Big Announcement

jazz piano lessonsHey Friends,

I hope you’ve had a GREAT week so far. I can’t believe another week has passed and the weekend is fast approaching!

(I’m excited though as I’m going on a 15 mile hike through some trails in Wisconsin. So, keep your fingers crossed I make it in one piece!)

Ok, now onto the important stuff….

Free Stride Piano Lesson

I’ve created another free jazz lesson for you: This one is a super fun lesson on playing stride piano. I’ve received a lot of emails asking for a stride lesson so hopefully you guys enjoy it. 🙂

You can check it out here:

But before you do I’d like to share a story with you first…

Follow The Bebop..Um…I Mean The Budget

As many of you know I started this site because I was so upset about the budget cuts that were happening in music programs throughout the US.

jazz piano lessons

I was motivated to do something but I didn’t quite know how yet.

There was no way I was letting budget cuts harm music education.

Music has the power to change lives and I knew governments were making a HUGE mistake.

I needed to find a way to share and promote music concepts that initially cause me to fall in love with music.

Music has made me who I am and I had to find a way to give back. 

So, a friend of mine suggested I just post a couple video lessons online of some chords and licks I liked. I really had no idea if anybody would even watch them.

  • Would they inspire other musicians?
  • Could I even make a difference?

Well, I thought, if nobody ever watches them at least I could use them with my students in Chicago as reference material.

So, for the first month this site only had a few hundreds visits come in to the site.  Most of them of course were from my students in Chicago. :)

How Many Hits Did You Just Say???

Something very strange started happening though. The site started slowly getting more and more visits from other states and countries.

The more I posted and shared the more traffic the site received.

First, it was in the tens per day. Then the twenties. Then the hundreds. Then, in the thousands per day! started growing like crazy.

jazz piano lessonsVisitors starting pouring from all over the world. Places like Hawaii, Korea, Russia, Iran, Brazil, Australia, Italy, India, the UK, etc.

People started sharing the material and interacting. We started building a real jazz community here!

It was truly AMAZING and inspiring to see that people still loved and needed music education.

Do You Take Requests?

jazz piano lessonsSomething interesting started happening at the same time too.

The more lessons I posted the more emails I got from people asking if I had a jazz DVD for sale.

I was flattered but it wasn’t something I had planned on doing. None the less the requests kept on pouring in. I was shocked.

It started getting to the point where I was getting asked the same question 5-7 times a week. I was so honored by the show of support that it finally became very clear that this was something I needed to create.

A Project Was Born

jazz piano lessonsAnd so I started working very hard. I mean REALLY HARD. I devoted countless hours.

  • I wanted to create a jazz product that would be a GAME CHANGER for musicians wanting to learn jazz.
  •  A resource people could learn quickly from also use FOR YEARS to develop their jazz piano playing and improvisation.
  • I wanted this to be truly an EXTENSIVE METHOD OF JAZZ IMPROVISATION based off the actual playing styles of the REAL JAZZ MASTERS.
  • I also wanted people to have easy access to it through both a DVD and an online streaming option.

And so the “JAZZ MASTERS METHOD” DVD was created….

The Jazz Masters Method DVD Is Coming Soon!

jazz improvsationSo, my friends “The Jazz Masters Method” will be released VERY SOON.

You can’t have it just yet though. Sorry 🙂

We’re hoping to be able to launch on a special day for me. Monday, October 8th.

The 18th anniversary of my first pro gig ever.

(Update: The DVD has been released!! You can get access to the 9 jazz masters right here and now The Jazz Masters Method DVD )

I’m so excited to share this method with you guys and help you unlock countless doors in your jazz and piano playing.

Of course I will be giving away some awesome FREE lessons to support the launch of the Jazz Masters Method in the next couple weeks. So, be sure to watch your inbox.

Mark your calendars for October 8th as well. Enjoy the free stride piano lesson in the meantime.

Take care and have an INCREDIBLE rest of the week. Thanks as always for your continued support!

In Gratitude,

Steve Nixon

P.S. Remember more free jazz lessons are coming soon. Make sure you watch your inbox. The next one will arrive during the next week or so!

P.S.S. If you’re not a subscriber to the site already you can subscribe for free right below this article or on the top left of the website. 

You’ll also receive exclusive subscriber only bonus offers for the launch of this DVD.