Jazz Inner Circle Review

We’re committed to transforming the musical lives of our students. How you ask?Well, It’s one thing for me to say how life changing The Jazz Inner Circle is.

But, it means more when you hear from our students personally. So, I’d like to share with you stories from 3 of our students.

1. How Diane Transformed Her Piano Playing

Take a listen to how Diane transformed her playing right here 

Apply for the Jazz Inner Circle here.

2. How The Jazz IC Is Different Than All Other Programs

Listen to Jim talk about his experience the Jazz Inner Circle program literally inside a lesson. It’s live and real. Watch now.


3. How Greg Went From Newbie To Gigging Pro

I also did a case study on Jazz Inner Circle student Greg. He went from jazz piano newbie to gigging pro in less than 2 years. Greg focused on 7 major components. I break them down in this video. Watch now.

How To Achieve Massive Musical Growth This Year

Want to achieve a massive growth in your musical skills too? Then, the Jazz Inner Circle is for you. Please note: Spots are very limited each month and in high demand.

So, take action, if you want to get in now. You can apply for the Jazz Inner Circle program here.


Steve “Transforming Musical Lives” Nixon

P.S. Did you know that our mentors in the Jazz Inner Circle are Grammy Nominated, in the Blues & Jazz Hall Of Fame, have been professors at the best music schools in the world, and have major “A” listers on their performance resumes?

That’s why this is an opportunity to learn live 1 on 1 with the best of the best in the comfort of your own home. –> Go here to grab 1 of the last slots for the month now <—

P.P.S A lot of people have asked us over the years what level of player you need to be to get accepted in the Jazz Inner Circle. We’re not expecting you to be Chick Corea Or Oscar Peterson before you enter the program! We work with all levels of students.

If you’re motivated, willing to invest in your success, looking for accountability, and have time to practice consistently then you’re the type of student we like to work with.

Have a fantastic musical day and we look forward to helping you achieve jazz piano success.

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