Interview With 7 Time Grammy Award Winner Paul Wertico

Paul Wertico InterviewWow, do I have a treat for you guys today!

Recently I had an opportunity to sit down and talk all things music with 7 time Grammy Award Winning drummer Paul Wertico. (video below)

Lucky for you all the whole thing was filmed and recorded. The interview took place over Skype and it’s all included below!

Paul shares his insight and we discuss many of the things he did to become the great jazz musician he is today!

Paul Wertico

Paul is one of the most creative, in demand, and knowledgeable drummers in modern music and so this interview is a must see for all fans of jazz and music in general.

Paul is perhaps most well known though as the drummer for the Pat Metheny Group for 18 years. In addition, he has performed with some of the biggest names in modern music. People like Larry Coryell, Eddie Harris, Paul Winter, Ramsey Lewis, Dave Liebman, Kurt Elling, and many other famous jazz musicians.

He is also the Head of Jazz and Contemporary Music Studies at Chicago College of Performing Art at Roosevelt University.

Join me as we get a chance to gain rare insight into a musician of such virtuosity and spirit. Enjoy this interview! 

For more information on Paul I encourage you to check out his very cool website at

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Steve Nixon