Don’t Explain – Solo Jazz Piano Video Performance

billie holiday don't explainHey everybody!

I wanted to share a quick video performance I just made of the great jazz standard ‘Don’t Explain’.

This tune was written and made famous by the late great Billie Holiday.

In my opinion she is an extremely underrated songwriter and should absolutely be in the same conversation with other great jazz writers.

I’ve always loved Billie’s singing and music so much and I wanted to pay tribute to her through this recording. 🙂

In a few days I’ll add a whole piano lesson to this site on how to play many of the reharmonization techniques I used in this recording.

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Update: The lesson has been released. Here is the lesson where I show you some of the reharmonization techniques.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy the performance 🙂

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  • Pianodan

    Holy wow. Love it Steve. Can’t wait to learn some of those chords.

  • Raymond Charles

    Very tastefully done I enjoyed it very much

  • Studentojazzkeys

    Sweet! I’m ready to learn that one!

  • Rico

    Very nice Steve. subtle and lyrical. However, I have never liked “rubato” type endings, however well done. Other than that, great stuff, thank you.

  • Jorge Reyes

    Good one Steve… Very relaxing song and what an honor having a great teacher and friend like you …. gracias  amigo 

  • Antonio

    Very nice, Steve. Thanks

  • Gradowski Mariusz

    Very nice one

  • David Nikolson

    yes i like that and waiting for lessons:).thank you!!!

  • Absolutely my pleasure Bill. This is one of her best tunes in my opinion 🙂

  • Graeme

    Loved it Steve. Thanks. Is there any way we can get the sheet music for it?
    Graeme Davies

  • North Island Music of Hokkaido

    Excellent piano playing. However, the audio track sounds shallow and tinny. May I suggest that you hook up a better quality mic to your video camera’s mic input jack. Or, use a high quality portable recorder such as the ZOOM H4n. Other than that, everything on you website, especially your lessons are top notch. Thank you for your helpful instructions.

    • Hi North Island. Thanks for the feedback. I usually record with a higher quality microphone but this was a very quick spur of the moment recording 🙂 Thanks!

  • Robwaddell123

    Bravo…One of my favorates. I used to listen to that song on an old cassette tape of Billie Holiday when I was hammering the caulking in between the planks of this old boat I used to devote my self to. I loved that old boat like Billie loved her flames…It was just me and her and everything was forgiven…

    Good to see you roll one out for us Steve. Thanks eh.

    Rob (NZ)    . 

  • ulrik malm

    Hi Steve! Do you have a lesson on dont explain?

  • Jan Darenius


  • Oluwadamilola Kuteyi

    great site…happy to have found it
    would you suggest a good piano book for jazz music?

    • Thank you! There are some excellent fake books that I recommend in the resources section. I update that page somewhat regularly too as I find new things.

  • Donna Prezzano

    Hi Steve. This was devine. I especially appreciate the view and being able to watch your hands float so effortlessly over the keys. I have a long way to go….nice to have the inspiration.