Jazz Masters Method Starter Page

Welcome to the Jazz Masters Method Online Streaming. 

Congrats on your purchase!! To get started learning here’s some guide points.

  • Each lick is packed with many pieces of the jazz language. So, take your time learning and have lots of fun!
  • Each Jazz Master has their own video page. You will find the link to each player’s special page below.
  • Each Jazz Master’s videos are broken into shorter manageable chunks for ease of learning.
  • You can make every video clip full screen if you like. You can do this by clicking on the far right on button on each video. 
  • The download page (link also below) contains special links where you can download the notation, the action plan, and all your included bonuses.
  • I recommend printing out the action plan and all the notated licks so you have them handy while you learn. You can also find those in the downloads page (below).
  • As a reminder you must be logged in to view the content at any time. Keep your password in a safe and secure place.
  • Have fun practicing, thank you for your purchase, and enjoy!
  • Update: New Bill Evans Chord Bonus Lesson Just Added!! 

Barry Harris Chapter and Intro To the DVD

Bud Powell Chapter

Red Garland Chapter

Bill Evans Chapter 

Oscar Peterson Chapter

Ray Charles Chapter

Diana Krall Chapter

Chick Corea Chapter

Herbie Hancock Chapter, DVD Ending, and Thank You

Downloads Page, Bonuses, & Bonus Bud Powell Video


New Special Bill Evans Bonus Chords Lesson