ZTJPH DVD Start Page

Welcome To The Zero To Jazz Piano Hero Program!

Congrats on your purchase!! To get started learning here's some important points.

Sheet Music & Additional Downloads

You can download the sheet music, MIDI files, action guide, bonuses, & additional resources that come with DVD by clicking right here!

Important Learning Tips

We've packed each chapter with essential building blocks covering: rich jazz chords, must know chord progressions, 3 classic jazz standards, and 3 exciting bonus chapters.  So, take your time learning and have lots of fun!

Each section of the DVD has its own video page. You will find the link to each section on the navigation bar on the very top and left side of the page.

You can make every video clip full screen if you like. You can do this by clicking on the far right button on each video.

Again, you can download the notation/sheet music, the MIDI Files, the jam tracks and all your included bonuses. You can download them by clicking right here.

I recommend printing out the sheet music so you have them handy while you go through each chapter.

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  • Have fun practicing, thank you for your purchase, and enjoy!