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Charlie Parker Lick Lesson and Video

Here’s a free Charlie Parker lick lesson and tutorial video. I had a lot of fun shooting this one.  Make sure you also scroll down for the notation of the lick and some quick tips.  Some Cool Things About this Jazz Lick 1. The lick starts on the “and of 1”.  In general, jazz licks…

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Oscar Peterson Lick Lesson

Here’s a fun Oscar Peterson lick.  Oscar played this lick over a blues but you can throw it in over many other tunes. This little 4 bar lick is filled to the rim with all kinds of blues and jazz vocabulary. (audio and tips for learning this lick below) You can click on this lick…

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Barry Harris Jazz Piano Lick Lesson

Here’s a video lesson on how to play a Barry Harris Lick.  He played this lick over the standard “Green Dolphin Street”  Barry is one of the best bebop piano players in the world.  He was a true disciple of Bud Powell and Charlie Parker. There’s several cool things about this lick but make sure…

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