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Learn How To Apply 10 New Piano Chords To The Jazz Tune Autumn Leaves

This jazz piano lesson is going to be a monster one! Not only are we going to learn 10 new jazz chords but we’ll also learn how to apply them to the tune Autumn Leaves. These powerful chords I’m going to teach you are known as “rootless 2 handed piano voicings”. These piano chords are…

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4 Bill Evans Jazz Chords You Need To Know

Here’s a free jazz piano lesson featuring the awesome jazz chords of Bill Evans. This particular lesson features a ii-V-i-IV (2-5-1-4) chord progression in a minor key. These beautiful chords are very useful because you can use them in solo jazz piano arrangements and you can also use them to play behind other instrumentalists. They…

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Bill Evans Jazz Chords Lesson and Video

If you love the sound of rich jazz chords then you’ll love this free jazz piano lesson. So, in today’s free jazz piano lesson video I’m going to be teaching you guys how to play some really sweet Bill Evans chords.  (Notation of chords below the video). Bill Evans was truly a harmonic genius. Whenever I…

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How To Play Satin Doll With Spread Voicings

A couple weeks back we learned about a very famous style of jazz chords called spread voicings. (If you missed the lesson and have no idea what spread voicings are make sure you check out the how to play spread voicings lesson). Anyway, since then I received a couple emails from subscribers to the site asking me…

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How To Play Spread Voicings on Piano – Great Jazz Piano Chords!

– Are you struggling to find good solo jazz piano voicings? – Do you only feel comfortable when you’re playing in a trio and there’s a bass player laying down the bottom end for you? – How about accompanying vocalists?  Do you have trouble finding the right voicings to play behind a singer? If you…

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Jazz Comping Chords – How To Play Two Handed Comping Chords (Rootless)

When I was first learning jazz I searched for a long time trying to find a good book or a method to learn how to comp in a jazz rhythm section. Sadly, there isn’t a ton of information out there on this subject. How To Comp It’s vitally important for everybody to learn how to…

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