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Here are the jazz piano lessons. You can scroll down and start learning jazz piano right now.

Bebop Piano Lick Lesson II – V(alt) – I

Here’s a new II – V- I  bebop lick instructional video I just shot.  This particular lick is one of my favorites because it uses alot of the classic building blocks of bebop.   I’ll list some of the more “theoretical” elements of lick that make it bebop. (video below) 1. chromaticism with mostly chord…

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Jazz Comping Chords – How To Play Two Handed Comping Chords (Rootless)

When I was first learning jazz I searched for a long time trying to find a good book or a method to learn how to comp in a jazz rhythm section. Sadly, there isn’t a ton of information out there on this subject. How To Comp It’s vitally important for everybody to learn how to…

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Turnaround Lick Lesson

Need a cool lick to play over a jazz turnaround? Great! Here’s a new jazz piano lesson video on playing a turnaround lick. I recommend you watch the video tutorial first and then scroll down for a bunch of extra tips and resources for you to learn jazz.  The lesson features a lick in the key…

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Swingin’ II- V- I lick lesson

Here’s a very cool bebop jazz lick over a II – V – I chord progression.  I break this lick down to it’s core elements so you can master it and add to your own playing.  There is some very nice bebop source material in there including arpeggiation minor line cliche approach patterns altered tones…

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Barry Harris Jazz Piano Lick Lesson

Here’s a video lesson on how to play a Barry Harris Lick.  He played this lick over the standard “Green Dolphin Street”  Barry is one of the best bebop piano players in the world.  He was a true disciple of Bud Powell and Charlie Parker. There’s several cool things about this lick but make sure…

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ii – V- i Jazz Lick in Minor Lesson

Here’s a very fun bebop lick over a ii -V-i in a minor key.  I teach you how to play every note on there and break it down for you. This lick is not just for jazz piano though.  This lick will sound great on guitar, saxophone, and trumpet as well. If you are looking…

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Rootless Jazz Voicings-Min7th’s

Want to learn some cool left hand jazz chords? In this video I teach you how to use and apply rootless jazz piano voicings.  This video specifically focuses on Minor 7th voicings. Rootless voicings are essential for any jazz piano player’s toolkit. Be sure to also check out part 2 in the series where we…

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