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Oscar Peterson Lick Lesson

Here’s a fun Oscar Peterson lick.  Oscar played this lick over a blues but you can throw it in over many other tunes. This little 4 bar lick is filled to the rim with all kinds of blues and jazz vocabulary. (audio and tips for learning this lick below) You can click on this lick…

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Great Red Garland Solo – Jazz Transcription

For today’s free jazz lesson we’re going to take a look at a jazz transcription of Red Garland’s famous solo on the jazz standard What is This Thing Called Love. This is one of the first jazz solos I ever transcribed and when I studied Red’s solo it paid off big time! So, let’s take…

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What’s the first jazz solo you should transcribe?

Have you heard that you should be transcribing solos but just aren’t sure where a good place to start is? Are you having problems finding a jazz solo that is not only easy to play but has tons of great jazz licks in there? Or perhaps you’ve already tried transcribing for a bit but found…

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John Coltrane Documentary Goldmine

This will be a very short article today.  I just found a John Coltrane goldmine. Here’s a site filled with many free episodes on the life and history of John Coltrane. The coolest part of this site is the episodes are told through the words of many famous and well known jazz musicians. People like…

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Shell Voicings Lesson – Super Simple Yet Powerful Jazz Chords

Ever wonder what chords people like Bud Powell, Barry Harris, and Al Haig play in their left hand when they’re soloing in their right hand? Well, most of the time they are using a particular type of chord voicing known as shell voicings. Shell voicings are super simple to play but really powerful when used correctly.  You…

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Barry Harris Jazz Piano Lick Lesson

Here’s a video lesson on how to play a Barry Harris Lick.  He played this lick over the standard “Green Dolphin Street”  Barry is one of the best bebop piano players in the world.  He was a true disciple of Bud Powell and Charlie Parker. There’s several cool things about this lick but make sure…

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