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Jazz Standards You Should Learn Part 1

Have you ever wondered what the first jazz tunes you should learn are? If so, I’d like to help you get started. There are so many fantastic jazz tunes in the Great American Songbook that it can feel overwhelming when trying to find a place to start. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of…

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What’s the first jazz solo you should transcribe?

Have you heard that you should be transcribing solos but just aren’t sure where a good place to start is? Are you having problems finding a jazz solo that is not only easy to play but has tons of great jazz licks in there? Or perhaps you’ve already tried transcribing for a bit but found…

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Learn How To Make Your Jazz Melodies Swing More

I recently was invited by the great jazz saxophone player and educator David Carlos Valdez to write a guest article for his blog. David’s blog is one of the top jazz blogs in the whole world and I was honored and excited for the opportunity.  If you don’t know David Valdez’s playing yet you need…

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How To Practice Jazz For Long Term Growth

One of the most common questions I get from my beginning and intermediate jazz students is, “How do I practice jazz successfully?”   Or, in other words, “How do I practice so I’m consistently moving in the right direction and not wasting my freakin’ time??” There are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of directions you can…

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4 Tips to Get More Jazz Gigs

Ok, so you want to get more gigs huh? Here are a few tips that have helped me secure gigs over the years, keep working on the jazz art form, and even put food on the table. 1. Know lots and lots of tunes (but start with 20). You must realize that you will increase…

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