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If you’re more of a beginner jazz musician these lessons should be a great fit for you. I always try to put something special in every lesson though for intermediate jazz and advance jazz musicians too!

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Your Free Guide To 15 Jazz Piano Legends

If you truly want to learn jazz piano you have to listen to the right people. As your online jazz piano teacher, I want to make sure you are listening to and learning from some of the best jazz pianists who’ve ever lived. What we listen to definitely influences what comes out of our ears…

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Jazz Rhythm – How To Practice This Important Skill

Would you like to improve your jazz rhythm? Today we’re going to talk about one of the most fundamental skills that you need to succeed as a jazz piano player. Even though this skill is incredibly important I’m always amazed by how many jazz students seem so ready to blissfully ignore it inside the practice…

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Do You Know These 3 Important Jazz Scales?

In today’s lesson we’re going to explore 3 very important jazz scales. I’m also going to show you how to use these scales in your jazz improvisation. It’s always a good idea to apply what we learn to real music. So, we’re also going to learn how to use these scales over the famous Miles…

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4 Jazz Turnarounds You Need To Know

If you want to successfully learn jazz piano it is extremely important that you spent time learning jazz tunes and studying common jazz chord progressions. The more knowledge of chord progressions you have the easier it will be for you to learn jazz songs efficiently and quickly grow your repertoire. We all want to be…

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3 Jazz Education Questions Revealed With A Video Response

The goal for this site has been to always provide a 21st century jazz education experience. 🙂 So, in today’s lesson I thought it would be fun to create a personalized video response to some of the questions I’ve received through comments and emails on the site. (video below) Normally, I like to have a…

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Learn Jazz Piano Chords in 4ths

In today’s jazz piano lesson we’re going to learn how to play some very cool jazz piano chords built in 4ths. These types of chords using quartal harmony can really add a more modern sound into your jazz playing. New To Jazz Piano Chords in 4ths? Why not take 4 minutes and watch the video…

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Jazz Ear Training – 5 Tips For Hearing Chord Extensions

Today I want to tell you how I drastically improved my musical ear by using jazz ear training. Chord extensions, tensions, alterations, color tones, whatever you want to call them, I am always interested! I can’t write enough about this subject of jazz ear training because it’s so important for mastering jazz piano. As pianists…

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12 Jazz Questions Answered

You’ve got jazz questions you say? I have jazz answers! Today’s post I’m going to try something I’ve never done before. This will be an experiment of sorts. I’m going to publish and answer several of the email questions I’ve received recently. As I mentioned in my jazz holiday post this site keeps getting bigger and…

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