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If you’re more of a beginner jazz musician these lessons should be a great fit for you. I always try to put something special in every lesson though for intermediate jazz and advance jazz musicians too!

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Straight No Chaser Jazz Piano Tutorial (Thelonious Monk Lesson)

If you love the sound of Thelonious Monk’s music than you’ll have a tun of fun with this sample jazz piano tutorial. In today’s lesson we’re going to learn the famous Monk tune Straight No Chaser. Straight No Chaser is a jazz blues tune written in the year 1951. It’s become one of the most famous jazz…

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How To Learn Jazz Songs The Right Way

Today we’re going to talk about one of the biggest mistakes that beginner jazz piano players make when they learn jazz standards. By the end of this short lesson you’ll know how to learn jazz songs on a much deeper level. Let’s get started learning (video, notation, and tips below). The Fake Book Dilemma If…

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Jazz Piano Practice Strategy Guide Part 1

If you’re reading this lesson there’s no question that you have a love, a passion, and a commitment to learning jazz piano. You and I have a lot in common in that way! Part of my job, as an online jazz piano teacher, is to help keep you motivated and focused on your musical goals. Now, I…

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Premium Jazz Lessons Reviews And Testimonials

The reviews are in for The Premium Jazz Lessons Elite Membership Course. I am completely humbled and incredibly honored that so many people wrote to me and shared their thoughts and feelings on the course. The cool part is these are just a small sample of the reviews! There are hundreds more of them when…

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10 Most Popular Jazz Piano Tutorials Of 2013

I thought it would be fun and useful to share a list of the most popular jazz piano tutorials that were published on this site in 2013. I was able to go back and look at my analytics for FJL and see what pages people visited the most. It’s a pretty cool feature and the…

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Jazz Piano Voicings Video Tutorial – 4 Extremely Useful Chords

If you want to learn jazz piano voicings this will be a great starter lesson for you. By increasing your understanding of jazz piano harmony, chord progressions, jazz piano voicings, and chord voicings as an overall whole you’ll open up an incredible world of self expression. Creative Jazz Piano Is Like Creative Cooking Sometimes I…

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Premium Jazz Lessons Elite Membership Has Launched!

Hey there fans of learning jazz piano and jazz piano lessons online! I’m proud to announce that my newest course is finally live and available. Premium Jazz Lessons Elite Membership was released with on Monday Oct. 7th 2013. It includes access to: A Rich Jazz Piano Chords Library Essential Jazz Song Tutorials  Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced…

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Herbie Hancock Chords – Free Video Tutorial

Would you like to learn some Herbie Hancock chords? Do you love the incredible artistry and soul of Herbie Hancock’s music? Well, to celebrate the launch of my new Premium Membership course  I created a special free Herbie Hancock lesson for you. I am truly humbled by the love and support I’ve received and continue to…

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