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If you’re more of a beginner jazz musician these lessons should be a great fit for you. I always try to put something special in every lesson though for intermediate jazz and advance jazz musicians too!

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Jazz Standards You Should Learn Part 1

Have you ever wondered what the first jazz tunes you should learn are? If so, I’d like to help you get started. There are so many fantastic jazz tunes in the Great American Songbook that it can feel overwhelming when trying to find a place to start. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of…

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How To Play Extensions on Dominant Seventh Chords

Want to spice up your chords and arrangements and make them more jazzy?   One of the best ways to do this by adding extensions to your chords. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand how to do this properly.   So, you’re probably saying right now, “Steve, How do you play extensions on chords?”  “I heard…

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Rootless Jazz Voicings-Min7th’s

Want to learn some cool left hand jazz chords? In this video I teach you how to use and apply rootless jazz piano voicings.  This video specifically focuses on Minor 7th voicings. Rootless voicings are essential for any jazz piano player’s toolkit. Be sure to also check out part 2 in the series where we…

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