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If you’re more of a beginner jazz musician these lessons should be a great fit for you. I always try to put something special in every lesson though for intermediate jazz and advance jazz musicians too!

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4 Tips For Switching From Classical To Jazz

In todays lesson we’re going to focus on 4 tips that will help you make the transition from playing classical music to playing jazz. I recently received a question from a new reader asking me how to make this switch more easily. I think this is a great question because most instrumentalists initially start with…

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10 Jazz Scales You Should Know (Part 2)

This is a guest post by Leeds College of Music Professor Dr. Matt Warnock. Matt is a scale expert! This is the second part in our series of 10 jazz scales you should know. If you missed the first article you should absolutely check it out right here 10 jazz scales you should know (part 1) .…

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3 Of The Most Useful Scales To Play Over Major Chords

When most players first start jamming over major chords they’yl usually turn to licks and ideas built from the major scale. This can great a nice inside sound but often times the lines can get predictable and somewhat boring. We don’t want to be boring and predictable right? 🙂 Fortunately, there is a solution to…

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Jazz Scales – A Complete List

Do you want to learn more about jazz scales? Congratulations you’ve come to the right place. This jazz scales article and many others on this site will help you! Musicians love scales. We really do! They sit nicely on our instruments, they are easy to play over changes, and many of us have been playing them…

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3 Uncommon Tips For Practicing Jazz Piano Technique

When most of us think about practicing jazz piano technique or jazz piano exercises we usually think of the same old boring exercises that piano players have been playing for countless years. Things like scale practice, arpeggios, Hanon exercises, and playing classical pieces. Now, to be fair these technique studies and piano drills can be…

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Jazz Chord for the Left Hand – Lesson and Video

In today’s free jazz piano lesson we are going to take a look at a very simple yet very powerful jazz piano chord.  This particular lesson will focus on a rootless dominant seventh chord voicing. (video lesson and notation below). (This is a follow up lesson to my rootless minor chords lesson.  That lesson has been…

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The 6 Steps To Success In Your Jazz Practice Routine

I recently was invited by the fantastic jazz guitar player Matt Warnock to write a guest article for his blog.  You can find the article I wrote here right here 6 steps to jazz practice success. I highly recommend you check out this article if you want to really take your jazz practicing skills to the next…

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Jazz Standards You Should Learn Part 2

If you need a list of jazz tunes to learn you’ve come to the right place! In today’s lesson we’re going to talk about 9 essential jazz tunes every jazz musician should learn. (This is the second post in the series on recommended jazz tunes you should learn.  If you missed the first post you…

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