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Here is a whole list of lessons on jazz improvisation.

Great Red Garland Solo – Jazz Transcription

For today’s free jazz lesson we’re going to take a look at a jazz transcription of Red Garland’s famous solo on the jazz standard What is This Thing Called Love. This is one of the first jazz solos I ever transcribed and when I studied Red’s solo it paid off big time! So, let’s take…

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Shell Voicings Lesson – Super Simple Yet Powerful Jazz Chords

Have you ever wondered what shell voicings are? Do you ever wonder what chords people like Bud Powell, Barry Harris, and Al Haig play in their left hand when they’re soloing in their right hand? Well, most of the time they are using a particular type of chord voicing known as shell voicings. Shell voicings are super…

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Bebop Piano Lick Lesson II – V(alt) – I

Here’s a new II – V- I  bebop lick instructional video I just shot.  This particular lick is one of my favorites because it uses alot of the classic building blocks of bebop.   I’ll list some of the more “theoretical” elements of lick that make it bebop. (video below) 1. chromaticism with mostly chord…

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Jazz Comping Chords – How To Play Two Handed Comping Chords (Rootless)

When I was first learning jazz I searched for a long time trying to find a good book or a method to learn how to comp in a jazz rhythm section. Sadly, there isn’t a ton of information out there on this subject. How To Comp It’s vitally important for everybody to learn how to…

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Wes Montgomery’s solo on Satin Doll

Here‘s a Wes Montgomery solo I transcribed about a year ago on the jazz standard “Satin Doll”. (scroll down for the solo.) There’s all kinds of great jazz licks in this one. I could write a 10 page essay on everything that I like about this solo but I’ll just mention 4 things here: 4 Wes…

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How To Solo Over the Jazz Standard All The Things You Are.

Would you like to be able longer jazz licks? Do you feel like your licks sometimes sound like run on sentences? How do you play those beautiful and long flowing lines that a lot of the great jazz masters play? You know the ones that always sound good no matter how long they go? Your Jazz…

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Turnaround Lick Lesson

Need a cool lick to play over a jazz turnaround? Great! Here’s a new jazz piano lesson video on playing a turnaround lick. I recommend you watch the video tutorial first and then scroll down for a bunch of extra tips and resources for you to learn jazz.  The lesson features a lick in the key…

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Swingin’ II- V- I lick lesson

Here’s a very cool bebop jazz lick over a II – V – I chord progression.  I break this lick down to it’s core elements so you can master it and add to your own playing.  There is some very nice bebop source material in there including arpeggiation minor line cliche approach patterns altered tones…

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