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Here is a whole list of lessons on jazz improvisation.

2 Famous ii V I Licks Starting On The 3rd

In today’s free ii V I licks lesson we’re going to explore a couple of very famous licks from legends Joe Pass and Harold Land. If you want awesome ii V I licks these guys are some of the best to learn from! This is the 3rd article in our series “How To Play Great Jazz…

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Jazz Licks Starting On Any Note (Part 2)

In today’s jazz licks lesson we’re going to learn 3 awesome licks that start on the 9th of a minor chord. This is the second article in our “How To Play Jazz Licks Starting On Any Note Series”. Armed with the ability to start your jazz improvisation on any note, you’re soloing will really become…

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How To Play Great Jazz Licks Starting On Any Note (Part 1)

In today’s free jazz improvisation lesson we’re going to take a look at some cool new jazz licks. Now, this won’t be your normal everyday run of the mill type jazz lick lesson.  No, we’re going to approach this jazz improvisation lesson in a unique way. We’re going to learn how to play a lick…

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Jazz Minor Scale Formulas And How To Solo With Them

In today’s jazz lesson you’re going to learn how to quickly add jazz minor scale techniques and modes into your playing. Whether you’re playing in a jazz rock band, a bebop band, a latin jazz band, or another direction, this jazz minor scale tutorial will be useful. I think you’ll enjoy this particular jazz lesson…

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10 Jazz Scales You Should Know (Part 2)

This is a guest post by Leeds College of Music Professor Dr. Matt Warnock. Matt is a scale expert! This is the second part in our series of 10 jazz scales you should know. If you missed the first article you should absolutely check it out right here 10 jazz scales you should know (part 1) .…

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3 Of The Most Useful Scales To Play Over Major Chords

When most players first start jamming over major chords they’yl usually turn to licks and ideas built from the major scale. This can great a nice inside sound but often times the lines can get predictable and somewhat boring. We don’t want to be boring and predictable right? 🙂 Fortunately, there is a solution to…

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Jazz Scales – A Complete List

Do you want to learn more about jazz scales? Congratulations you’ve come to the right place. This jazz scales article and many others on this site will help you! Musicians love scales. We really do! They sit nicely on our instruments, they are easy to play over changes, and many of us have been playing them…

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Bill Evans Jazz Lick Lesson and Video

Here’s a free Bill Evans lick lesson and tutorial video. Bill was a harmonic genius and one of the truly great jazz musicians. This Bill Evans lick is just so beautiful sounding I had to share it with you all! (After you check out this lick you will want to check out this additional Bill…

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