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Here is a whole list of lessons on jazz improvisation.

Jazz Piano Improvisation: Build Great Licks

Do you wish you were better at jazz improvisation and jazz piano improvisation? Do you wish you could improvise over major 7th chords better than you do now? Do you find yourself lost when major 7th chords come up in your favorite jazz and rock songs? Well, in today’s lesson we’re going to explore some…

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Jazz Masters Method Special Video Blog Thank You

Hey everybody! Today’s post is going to be short but sweet. I’m truly humbled right now. I’d like to thank everybody who’s ordered the Jazz Masters Method DVD so far during this launch week. The response has been simply been AMAZING. I am truly blessed!  Thank you!! I prepared a quick little video blog as I…

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Free Lesson And A Big Announcement

Hey Friends, I hope you’ve had a GREAT week so far. I can’t believe another week has passed and the weekend is fast approaching! (I’m excited though as I’m going on a 15 mile hike through some trails in Wisconsin. So, keep your fingers crossed I make it in one piece!) Ok, now onto the…

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Chet Baker Jazz Improvisation Lesson

In today’s jazz lick lesson we’re going to learn a very simple but cool Chet Baker lick. You guys are going to love this one. Chet’s jazz improvisation style is very minimalist but full of tons of great jazz vocabulary, articulation, swing feel, and soul. Plus, he was an awesome singer too.  I know you…

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Clifford Brown Jazz Improvisation Lesson

I always tell my jazz students if they really want to learn jazz improvisation and master the bebop language then they need to go directly to the source. They need to learn from people like Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown, Bud Powell, and Sonny Stitt. So, in today’s jazz improvisation lesson we’re going to do just that!…

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How To Add The Major Bebop Scale To Your Playing

Have you ever heard of the bebop scale? Do you wish knew more ways to bridge the gap between the scales you know and what real jazz musicians actually use in their jazz solos? One of the best ways to go about doing this is to learn the method behind the major bebop scale. When used…

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7 Tips To Help You Play Better At Fast Tempos

Do you have trouble playing well at faster tempos? Do you feel like you just can’t execute your ideas as clearly as you’d like? Do you sound good at slower tempos but the second the tempo starts getting up there your jazz improvisation starts to suffer? If you answered yes, (which most musicians probably will) there…

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2 Powerful Licks Starting On the 11th

Need more licks don’t you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s free jazz lick lesson we’re going to explore a couple licks starting on the 11th of a minor chord. I think you’re really going to enjoy this lesson for a few reasons! Not only do I have notation of the licks…

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