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Here is a whole list of lessons on jazz improvisation.

Do You Know These 3 Important Jazz Scales?

In today’s lesson we’re going to explore 3 very important jazz scales. I’m also going to show you how to use these scales in your jazz improvisation. It’s always a good idea to apply what we learn to real music. So, we’re also going to learn how to use these scales over the famous Miles…

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Some Incredible Testimonials For The Jazz Masters Method DVD

I’m completely honored and very excited to learn that Making Music Magazine has just published a very nice review of my Jazz Masters Method DVD in their latest issue (May/June 2013). Every time I go into Guitar Center and check out new keyboards I seem to always find myself pickup a copy of their magazine. So,…

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Jazz Piano Transcription: Lesson on Sonny Clark’s Blue Minor Solo

Do you like free jazz piano transcriptions? Awesome! Then, you’ll love this Sonnny Clark jazz piano transcription. One of the most powerful ways to learn jazz piano is to transcribe and study the playing of your favorite jazz musicians. It is for this reason that I have included a number of jazz piano transcriptions on this…

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Jazz Licks On Every Note: Part 6

Welcome back to our continuing series where we learn how to play jazz licks starting on every note of a scale. In today’s lesson we’re going to learn a fun jazz lick starting on the 6th scale degree of a minor chord. (The 6th is often times called the 13th.) This particular lick has some…

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Learn A Miles Davis Jazz Lick

One of the best ways to learn jazz improvisation is to really study and model the jazz licks of master jazz improvisers. So, today I’m going to teach you how to play a Miles Davis II-V-I lick. I love this lick because not only is it simple but it’s got some really nice concepts that…

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Summertime Backing Tracks and Free Chord Chart

Would you like jam on a Summertime backing track? Well, you’ve come to the right place! One of the main goals of this site is to consistently teach you how to improvise jazz on a higher level. (Summertime backing track, chord chart, and extra tips below. :)) Learning jazz licks and jazz piano chords is…

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How To Mix The Blues Scale With Bebop Over A Jazz Standard

Would you like to learn how to use blues sounds to improvise over a jazz standard? In this lesson I want to talk about some of the discoveries I made on my tours with B.B. King. Most newbies think that there is a big separation between blues and jazz. A Big Discovery From B.B. King In reality,…

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Improve Your Jazz Improvisation: 1 Simple Shortcut

Are you frustrated by your jazz improvisation? Do you find that no matter how much you practice new scales, learn jazz theory, learn licks, or spend time transcribing you still can’t make the improvements you want to make? Well, i’m going to share with you a story and 1 simple thing I added in my…

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