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3 Of The Most Useful Scales To Play Over Major Chords

When most players first start jamming over major chords they’yl usually turn to licks and ideas built from the major scale. This can great a nice inside sound but often times the lines can get predictable and somewhat boring. We don’t want to be boring and predictable right? 🙂 Fortunately, there is a solution to…

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Jazz Scales

Do you want to learn more about jazz scales? Congratulations you’ve come to the right place. This jazz scales article and many others on this site will help you! Musicians love scales. We really do! They sit nicely on our instruments, they are easy to play over changes, and many of us have been playing them…

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How To Practice Jazz For Long Term Growth

One of the most common questions I get from my beginning and intermediate jazz students is, “How do I practice jazz successfully?”   Or, in other words, “How do I practice so I’m consistently moving in the right direction and not wasting my freakin’ time??” There are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of directions you can…

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How To Play Misty – Jazz Piano Reharmonization

Make Your Jazz Standards More Interesting Have you ever noticed that great jazz piano players seem to play so many more chords than are written in your everyday run of the mill fakebook? Why is this? For starters, most of the time the chord changes written in a fakebook are either very bland, boring, or…

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