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How To Play Spread Voicings on Piano – Great Jazz Piano Chords!

- Are you struggling to find good solo jazz piano voicings?

– Do you only feel comfortable when you’re playing in a trio and there’s a bass player laying down the bottom end for you?

– How about accompanying vocalists?  …

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Shell Voicings Lesson – Super Simple Yet Powerful Jazz Chords

bud powell chordsEver wonder what chords people like Bud Powell, Barry Harris, and Al Haig play in their left hand when they’re soloing in their right hand?

Well, most of the time they are using a particular type of chord voicing known

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Rootless Jazz Voicings-Min7th’s

Want to learn some cool left hand jazz chords? In this video I teach you how to use and apply rootless jazz piano voicings.  This video specifically focuses on Minor 7th voicings.

Rootless voicings are essential for any jazz

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